Custom White Birch Charcuterie Boards

Northern Michigan White Birch Board

**Price is a starting price, total will change with customizations

Customization options are as follows:

-Live edge birch without bark or live edge birch with bark

-Assortment of handle options in different sizes, styles and colors or no handles

-Width ranges and is different depending on each piece of wood and usually can't be customized but we can certainly find a size closest to what you are looking for. Width is about 8" to 13"

-Thickness is about 3/4" to 1" per board, however we can customize this as well

-Laser engraving and wood burning engraving are available and starts at a $20 upgrade charge


We suggest wiping the board down with a soapy, damp cloth after each use. We suggest usingour conditioner every 60 days or so for infrequent use and more often for more frequent use. Conditioner is sold separately.



Please contact us for shipping rates, which are based on size, weight, and your shipping address. If an order is placed prior to determination of the shipping rate, a delivery fee will be billed separately prior to shipment.

Pickup is at our location in Fenton.

Handle Option